DirecTV raising the price for NFL Sunday Ticket

DirecTV raising the price for NFL Sunday Ticket

DirecTV raising the price for NFL Sunday Ticket

NFL Sunday Ticket

For many football fans, NFL Sunday Ticket is the be-all, end-all. This service from satellite provider DirecTV gives you Sunday afternoon games you can’t get on your local TV station, so it typically excludes hometown teams.

The price of DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket package will increase by a little more than 4 percent in 2018. Though Sunday Night Football 2018 live stream package for NBC will unchanged.

The company website revealed that next year’s Sunday Ticket prices will increase to $293.94 for the 2018 NFL season — up from $281.94. For the fans that want the Sunday Ticket Max package — with NFL Red Zone and Fantasy Zone channels — the price jumps up to $395.94.

Basically, fans are being asked to spend nearly $23.30 a week — all this while new subscribers are offered the otherwise expensive package for free. Word of the price increase was not taken kindly by NFL fans. NFL fan can watch Monday Night Football 2018 online on low cost at fuboTV or Sling TV.

DirecTV also implemented price increases prior to last season, raising the cost of the basic package by 9.3 percent and the max package by 5 percent. Nevertheless, news of this year’s smaller increases was met with frustration on social media, with some fans threatening to cancel their subscription. Thursday Night Football online on demand at Amazon Prime.

DirecTV’s deal with the NFL is worth $1.5 billion a year and runs through the 2022 season, according to NFL Games 2018 Updates. But fans have easier access to NFL games with online streams. Unlike the NBA, the NFL doesn’t offer a team-specific Sunday Ticket package at a reduced price.

The price increase comes after a season in which some fans requested refunds for their Sunday Ticket packages in response to some players protesting during the national anthem, which participants have described as a means of drawing attention to racial inequality and social injustice in the United States.

While DirecTV has not disclosed how many of its customers subscribe to Sunday Ticket, Bloomberg has estimated that the company has as many as 2.08 million subscriptions. The company’s current deal with the NFL is worth $1.5 billion annually and will run through the 2022 season.

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